Thursday, August 13, 2009

Teen,s Fantasy, part ,3?

As the bus came closer and closer to her stop, Betsy could
feel her nerves crawling under her skin. The pretty little
brunette stared out of the window and shook her head when she
thought about the things that had happened to her during the day.
It wasn’t bad enough for me to do that with Mr. Simpson,”
Betsy told herself. “We need the money and I guess there was some
excuse, but when Rick…” Betsy shivered happily when she thought
about the head usher. He was so strong and so exciting!
Betsy’s pointed tongue worked back and forth behind her teeth.
She’d rinsed her mouth out when Rick let her go, but even with that
she was sure that she could taste the yeasty tang of the boy’s
thick cum.
Whore! He called me that and that’s what I am!” Betsy shook
herself and pressed her lips together in a tight, hard line. “I’m
not supposed to do things like that, much less like it! What would
happen if Mom found out what I’m doing?”
She felt ashamed and dirty thinking about her mother. Julia
was such a good woman, so hard working and clean, Betsy was shamed
when she thought about what she’d been doing. The little girl
shifted uneasily, feeling a moist trickle of love juice leaking out
of her plump pussy. That, and the ripples of dirty excitement that
she felt, worried her. Could she tell? When Betsy got home, would
her mother be able to look at her and know what she’d been doing?
She was so wrapped up in her morbid thoughts that she almost
missed her stop. Hurriedly, the little twelve-year-old jerked the
bell cord and stepped off the bus. The pussy juice was still
leaking out of her and made the hairless folds of her puffy little
cunt rub and slip as they brushed together.
It was almost midnight and Betsy was worried. She hadn’t been
able to call her mother and tell her how late she would be and she
was worried that her mother would be angry and upset. The pretty
little brunette had a whole mouthful of excuses ready when she
stepped through the door, but the second that she saw the glowing
smile on her mother’s pretty face and the man sitting on the couch,
she realized that she wouldn’t need them.
Are you all right, darling? I was so worried, but I hoped
that you were working. Did you get the job?”
Betsy heard the words, but realized with a pang that her
mother wasn’t really worried. The man leaning back on the couch,
looking at her, had kept her busy.
Yes, Betsy bubbled happily. “I got the job and I can make a
lot of money. Mr. Simpson, he’s the manager, says…” Her happy
words were stilled as her mother shook her head in mock anger.
Ohhhh, no, it’s late! You slip off to bed right now, young
lady! You can tell me all about your lovely job in the morning!!”
Julia caught her by the arm and only paused long enough to perform
a quick introduction before she steered the surprised little
brunette out of the room. “Dave, this little waif is my daughter,
Betsy. Betsy, this is Mr. Henry. He works in my office. Say
goodnight and slip off to bed, baby.”
Before she realized what was happening to her, Betsy was in
her room with her mother standing at the door. Julia had a serious
look on her face. “Now, go to sleep, baby. I’ll shut the
connecting door. See you in the morning.”
Betsy was shocked. She stared at the closed door to her room
and shook her head in wonder. It was obvious that her mother
wanted to be alone with that man. For the first time in her life,
the little girl realized that her mother was a human, that she got
lonely - and that she needed sex!!
Betsy was shaken. She knew that a part of her childhood was
dead, that reality had pushed in and destroyed something very
fragile and steadying in her life.
She was tired. Pushing her thoughts aside, Betsy hurriedly
stripped out of her clothes and into her nightgown. The pretty
little girl refused to think about what was happening to her and
around her. She snapped off the lamp beside her bed and felt the
sleep creeping in on her before her small head hit the pillow.
Something, a sound, a feeling woke her up! Betsy found
herself sitting upright in her bed, staring around her darkened
bedroom. The little girl’s heart was beating hard and her breath
was coming in short, panicky bursts. At last, Betsy realized that
there was nothing threatening in the room and began to relax. The
little girl was ready to laugh at her fears and go back to sleep
when she heard a low, wavering moan of pain and pleasure!
The little brunette felt her nerves jump under her skin and
the hairs on the back of her neck lift. Betsy jumped out of bed
and headed for her door. That moan wasn’t a dream. It was real.
And it was coming from her mother’s bedroom!
Betsy didn’t know what to expect. She could not imagine what
would make Julia moan and whimper the way she was. The little girl
was frightened and nervous as she crept down the darkened hallway
that led to her mother’s bedroom. With each step she took, the
little girl could hear her mother groaning and whispering to
Awwwwgh, God! Oh, baby, I…you can’t know! Ohhh, honey,
it’s been so long!” She recognized the sound in her mother’s voice
and Betsy was tempted to turn around and run back to her room. But
the memory of that lady in the audience taunted Betsy and called to
her. The little girl felt a sweet stirring between her slender
thighs and knew that she couldn’t stop. She had to know, had to
see what her mother was doing!
The door to the bedroom was partly open, and Betsy found that
she could see into Julia’s room by pressing her eye against the
crack by the hinges. The lamp over her mother’s bed was on and it
bathed the room in a muted, pink light. Betsy felt her knees shake
with excitement when she saw her mother, lying spread-eagled on the
bed. Mr. Henry was kneeling over her and they were both naked!
The pretty twelve-year-old shuddered and slowly sank to her
knees as she watched the big man work a stiff forefinger in and out
of her mother’s dark, hairy sex. Each time that the finger sank
home, Julia would groan or gasp and shake her naked bottom. At the
same time that Dave Henry used his finger to rouse and torment her,
the lovely woman’s clenched fist jerked and pulled on his huge,
swollen cock!
Betsy couldn’t tear her eyes away from the prick that her
mother was so lovingly stroking. The head of the penis was so big
that it made Betsy’s tummy twist and turn, it was an angry, dark
red, almost purple, and in its one blind eye, she could see thick
drops of clear liquid seeping out and drooling over her fingers.
Without thinking, the little girl’s own fingers crept up under
her shorty nightgown, then slipped under the elastic waistband of
the bottoms. It felt nice when she ran her hand down over the soft
curve of her belly and then pressed her fingers against the fatty
flesh that covered her hairless little mound.
While her mother gasped and whispered to the strange man, the
small brunette pressed one of her fingers between the puffy lips of
her pussy and wiggled it around, wetting it in the slick, clear oil
of her love juice. Betsy still stared at Mr. Henry’s big, hairy
cock and when she caught herself wondering what it would taste like
and how it would feel as it slipped into her open mouth she had to
press her free hand against her mouth to keep from squealing out
In me,” Julia panted as she pulled at the naked man.
Please, Dave, I need it inside of me!” The handsome man chuckled
and shook his head. Julia moaned and tried again to pull him on
top of her naked, writhing body. “Please! Fuck me, Dave!”
You’re not ready yet,” Dave whispered, a large grin creasing
his face. “You’ll have to work if you want it, Julia. You made me
wait for a long time, now it’s your turn.”
Mr. Henry was smiling, but Betsy could sense something
dangerous about him and that sense of danger was so thrilling that
the little girl shuddered and tried to force the tip of her finger
into the tight, unused throat of her vagina.
Dave pulled his finger out of Betsy’s mother’s cunt and Julia
moaned as she tried to arch her body up off the bed to follow it.
The grinning man caught a handful of the poor woman’s thick, dark
hair and jerked, pulling her up until her bruised-looking lips were
pressed against the wet tip of his hard, throbbing cock.
Betsy knew what was coming. She felt her whole body begin to
glow with excitement and she pressed her little finger so deep in
the tight grip of her love sheath that the tip pressed painfully
against her tightly stretched hymen.
Mr. Henry laughed softly when her mother whimpered and Betsy
pressed closer to the door and strained to hear every word that he
hissed at her. “Get on it, honey! I can tell that you want to
suck it! Wrap those lips around my cock and suck it. Earn the
fucking that you are begging for!”
A tiny moan of sympathy oozed out of Betsy when she saw her
mother blush and wiggle. Mr. Henry jerked at her hair and the
lovely brunette moaned as her lips went slack and allowed the
greasy-looking head of the penis to slip past them and enter her
Betsy’s own mouth fell open and a small, rippling orgasm
rumbled through her. Julia gasped and mumbled, her words muffled
by the thick post of flesh that stuffed her mouth. Even as she
jiggled her finger back and forth over her stiff little clitoris,
Betsy knew that all she had to do was keep on going and she could
cum again!
I was right,” Dave Henry whispered as he forced her mother’s
head to bob back and forth on the head of his prick. Even across
the room, Betsy could hear the lewd, smacking sounds that Julia’s
mouth was making as she struggled to swallow almost half of the
thick probe.
The shaken twelve-year-old remembered the strange, slick
feeling of Rick’s cock as it slid back and forth over her tongue
and wondered if that sensation pleased her mother as much as it had
her. Julia was moaning and making small protest sounds while she
pursed her lips tight around the thick shaft of the man’s big prick
and sucked. But Betsy noticed that, at the same time, her hips
were making a slow, revolving motion and her hands were slowly
moving around his muscular thighs and pulling him closer as she
meekly serviced his throbbing erection.
Ooooo, yeah. You can’t fool me, darling,” Mr. Henry
breathed. His head fell back and his eyes closed while he smiled.
“You know how to give head! Someone took a lot of time with you
and taught you how to suck cock like a dream!”
He was right! Betsy trembled as she watched the expert way
that her mother twisted her head and pressed forward, jamming
another two fat inches of cock in her mouth. The whole scene was
more than Betsy could stand. The pretty child sighed softly and
wiggled her own trim little bottom when she realized what she was
seeing. Never again could she look at her mother as that clam,
serene person who was so much under control, so unruffled that
nothing could ever really touch her.
Julia mumbled something. Her pelvis was jerking and Betsy
gasped with shock and Dave laughed when the beautiful woman’s hand
crept down over her belly and a finger dipped deep and straight
into the fleshy crease of her sex.
Is it good? Is that how you’ve been making it? Do you sneak
off a few times a day and finger fuck yourself, baby?”
Betsy felt angry and ashamed for her mother when Julia was
forced to nod her head and try to suck even harder on the cock in
a mute effort to please the man.
Julia’s thighs were spread wide and Betsy could see the deep
pink flesh of her mother’s inner membranes as they flashed and
glistened in the light. Julia never stopped sucking while she
fingered herself. Betsy could hear the rasping, vibrating sounds
that her mother’s mouth made as she shamelessly sucked and nursed
on the handsome man’s prick.
Do you really need it? Do you want my cock inside of you,
baby?” Julia’s cheeks were a bright red and Betsy knew that she
was ashamed - but apparently shame wasn’t enough to stop her
because she nodded her head and hugged the man even tighter than
Dave groaned happily when he used his grip in Julia’s hair to
pull her sucking lips away from the pulpy head of his big dong.
Betsy gasped softly and excitedly pinched at her firm little clit
when she saw how much larger and darker his glans looked after her
mother had mouthed it.
Roll over, honey. I’ll take care of you. I’ll fuck you
until you’ll think that you’re dying!”
Betsy’s frilly shorty bottoms were in her way and, while she
watched her lovely, naked mother eagerly roll over on her belly
then pull herself up until she knelt on all fours before the man,
she pulled them down.
“You got it right,” Dave chuckled as he moved in behind Julia.
“I know that somewhere, sometime, some smart stud had his hands on
you and taught you the way to take care of a man!”
Julia moaned and shook her bottom, making the fleshy cheeks of
her ass quiver and tremble as she offered herself up to him.
It was shocking and terrible, but Betsy knew in her heart that
the laughing, sneering man was right. Her mother, her cool,
sophisticated mother, was no stranger to this sort of thing and it
was even more apparent that she wanted it so badly that she would
do anything to get it!
Betsy’s panties were down to her knees. The pretty child had
hiked her gown up over her waist and was shamelessly wiggling her
near naked body as her small finger wormed its way in and out of
her puffy, pouting pussy. It was dirty and naughty but it felt
sooo good!
Julia whimpered but didn’t answer the taunting challenge in
Dave’s voice. Betsy shivered and felt herself begin to tremble
terribly as she watched the big man press his naked body against
her mother’s raised bottom and fit the bloated tip of his prick
between the ivory smooth cheeks of her shapely ass.
For a terrible moment, the little girl thought that the man
was going to force his big rammer into the wrong place. Betsy knew
about sodomy, she knew that people sometimes used the wrong place
to make love, but she’d always hated and feared the idea before.
But, when Betsy saw the thick, discolored head of Dave Henry’s big
dong move between her mother’s buttocks, she was shocked to feel a
sharp, twisting sensation in her own puckered anal opening.
Julia knelt at an angle and Betsy could see every move of the
hard cock as it pressed closer to her trembling mother’s bottom.
Julia moaned and her little daughter sighed with relief when the
big prick skidded over the pink rosette of her anus and bulled its
way between the hair-fringed lips of her sex.
Annngghh,” Julia groaned when the saliva-coated shaft of
Dave’s cock followed the enlarged head of his cock into her love
groove. “Go slow, darling, oooo, it feels so big! Go slow.
Don’t hurt me with your big, fat cock!” The words meant one thing,
but Betsy could hear something else in the tone of her mother’s
voice. It was as if Julia wanted him to hurt her, wanted Mr. Henry
to split her in half with his huge cock and was giving him the
needed invitation to do it!
Ahhh, it feels big. You like it big, don’t you, Julia? You
want me to fill this tight little cunt of yours with meat, don’t
There was a mean, thin-lipped smile on the handsome man’s
face. Betsy saw Dave’s fingers sink into the soft flesh of her
mother’s waist and pull her back to meet the hard bulk of his big
Oooowwaaaahhh!” Julia’s shapely body vibrated.
Betsy shuddered as the thick inches of the man’s prick were
forced into her mother’s body and she felt her own hard little
clitoris swell until it hurt. “Unnngghh,” Julia moaned. “You’re
tearing me! Ohhh, God, annnggghh!”
Julia’s head fell, her hair covered her face as she began to
slowly shake it back and forth. Betsy moaned softly and pressed
even harder at the thin barrier that kept her finger out of the
moist, twisting pit of her own virginal love slot. The lovely
little girl felt her flesh crawl as she inched even closer to the
door and watched her mother’s large, firm breasts swing and slap
against each other. Betsy was especially drawn to the long, thick
fingers of her mother’s nipples as they stood out dark and swollen
from the smooth curves of her breasts. For a reason that she
didn’t understand, Betsy wished that she was in the room with them.
And what was worse and more disturbing, she wished that she was
lying beneath those swaying globes and could take them in her pink
mouth and suck and suck on them like she used to do when she was a
Dave grunted and moaned. He thrust and slammed himself at
Julia and the sound of his lean belly slapping against her mother’s
fleshy ass cheeks excited Betsy. The lovely little brunette
groaned softly and wiggled her finger in the wet, slippery mouth of
her pussy. Her sore little clit burned and stung, but the pleasure
that she felt was so much stronger than the pain that she didn’t
consider stopping.
Shake your ass, woman,” Dave snarled as he drove himself into
Julia’s stretched cunt. “Roll you hips and make your pussy eat my
Betsy was shocked that he would talk to her mother like that,
she was even more shocked when she realized that Julia liked it and
did as she was told!
Apparently, the suffering woman didn’t move fast enough to
please him. Mr. Henry grinned as he brought the broad flat of his
palm down on her white bottom. He was spanking her! “I said,
shake it! Come on, don’t yell! You’ll wake your kid and you
wouldn’t want her to see you getting stuffed like this, would you?”
Julia squealed and shook, red finger marks appeared on her ass and
she frantically began to shake. As she did, her climax caught her
and she wailed and cried.
Aaaaiieeee! Oooo, cum! Please, Dave, cum in my pussy, fill
me up!” Betsy began to tremble, her own small body took on a glow
and she had to bite down hard on her knuckle to keep from screaming
out loud as she had an orgasm, too!
Oooo, Mama, how could you? How…aaaaiiieeee!!!” A trickle
of juice wet her fingers and the shaking little girl didn’t know if
it was love juice or pee, or both. All she knew was that it was
lovely to wiggle and twist as she dreamed of a cock of her very own!


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