Thursday, August 13, 2009

Teen,s fantasy part 2,

Dickie had touched her there and it had been good, but never
this good! Betsy’s firm little ass wiggled and she pumped even
harder at Mr. Simpson’s big cock as he aroused her! It only took
a minute or perhaps two for the excited man’s probing finger to
strike a flame in the pretty child’s belly. The flame burned away
any last shreds of doubt and resistance.

“Ohhhh! That’s nice,” Betsy breathed softly. Mr. Simpson’s
hand left her hard, swollen little breasts and pressed against the
edge of her chin, turning her pretty face so that he could kiss

At first, the naked little girl didn’t know what to do when
she felt his wet, slippery tongue pressing between her soft lips.
Then, the man’s finger began a rapid twirling movement in her tight
little pussy. Betsy gasped and when her jaw opened, Mr. Simpson’s
tongue pushed its way into her mouth and began to flick at the
pointed tip of her own pink little probe.

The naked twelve-year-old shuddered. Mr. Simpson’s tongue
made her feel all funny and shaky as it slid in and out of her
mouth. Some inborn instinct guided her and Betsy was glad because
it was even nicer when her pink lips tightened around the tongue
and she learned to suck on it!!

Mr. Simpson made a groaning sound, and his cock jerked and
swelled even larger in her fist. Betsy felt something warm and
slippery dripping down on her fingers. The girl knew what it was.
Dickie’s skinny prick got wet when she played with it, too. Drops
of clear juice would leak out of the slit on top of his cock, but
never so much! The excited little girl moaned and Mr. Simpson’s
finger fluttered back and forth over the hard stub of her clit as
her thumb lifted and rubbed hard against the cock’s meaty glans.

“Damn, but you learn fast,” Mr. Simpson groaned happily.

Betsy giggled but didn’t miss a stroke as her small hand flew
up and down his jerking pole of flesh. The rapid pumping motion
that she was using caused warm drops of the man’s love lubricant to
splash on her naked thighs. Betsy liked the feel of it on her and
enjoyed seeing it glitter on her milk white flesh.

Mr. Simpson’s finger had found the tight neck of her vagina
and it was slowly forcing its way into her. Betsy groaned as her
tight, wet opening was stretched but she made no effort to pull
away because the man’s thumb was lightly strumming against the
burning clitoris all the while that his twisting finger advanced.

“God! You are a virgin! I didn’t think that there were any

Betsy felt her cheeks burn as she blushed. The naked child
hid her embarrassment by forcing her tired little hand and arm to
jerk faster and faster on his slippery prick.

“I’ll make it nice,” Mr. Simpson groaned in her ear.

Betsy sighed and began to roll her slim hips as the fingers
that moved in her hairless pussy made her feel better and better!

“I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll scream for more!”

The man’s wet tongue worked in and out of her ear, down the
nape of her neck and across her shoulder. Betsy shook. Her small
mouth opened and she moaned with pleasure. The girl’s dark eyes
popped open in surprise and before she actually knew what was
happening inside of her slim body, her climax exploded in a
starburst of pleasure!!!

“Annnnggghhh!!” The naked child moaned and shuddered as her
hot, hairless slit sucked and pulled around Mr. Simpson’s twirling,
pressing finger. “Aaaaiiiieeee!! Ohhh, Mr. Simpson . . .

Betsy’s thighs stiffened, her belly fluttered, and her head
repeatedly banged against Mr. Simpson’s shoulder while the handsome
man’s knowing finger made her slim, beautiful body dance and jerk.

“Go faster . . . aggghhh!! You’re going to make me cum, little
honey,” the handsome man theater manager snorted in her ear.

Betsy’s arm ached but the jolting flashes of joy that were
still exploding between her splayed thighs gave her fresh energy
and the pretty little girl worked as hard as she could to finish
the job that she started.

“Annnnuuuugggghhh!!” His fat cock jumped. Betsy was watching
with fevered interest when the swollen slit in the glans opened and
a long, white jet of hot cum shot in the air and then came
splattering down on her naked thighs and belly. “Oggghhhh . . .

The tired little brunette lay slumped against Mr. Simpson’s
shoulder. She was so exhausted that Betsy hardly took notice as
the man used the fingers of both of his hands to spread his cooling
cum all over her smooth, naked little body.

“You’re going to work out just fine, Betsy,” the man whispered
and kissed her cheek. “I’m going to make sure that you earn a lot
of money for your mommy and have a lot of fun doing it.”

Small warning bells rang in the girl’s mind but she ignored
them as she watched with growing interest while he painted the
still sharp tips of her little nipples with a thick coat of his
sticky semen.

Her first night at work. It was so exciting! Betsy caught
sight of her reflection in one of the glass lobby doors and paused
to admire it. She was proud of herself. Her deep blue costume top
clung tight and instead of hanging loose from her bust the way she
thought it would, it seemed to push her firm little tits higher and
made them look larger than they were. The pretty little brunette
liked the way that her short red skirt hugged her waist then fit
over the curve of her developing hips and saucy buttocks. There
was a tight fitting pair of matching red panties just peeking out
from under the skirt and Betsy had thought the whole effect was

The slender little usherette looked away from the glass and
saw the snack-bar manager, Mrs. Borden, looking at her. Betsy
flushed guiltily and remembered that she was supposed to be
working. Taking a firm grip on her flashlight, the little girl
peeked one more time at her reflection and admired the way that her
daring uniform made her legs look even longer than they were.

The door to aisle C closed soundlessly behind her as Betsy
stepped into the darkened auditorium. All she had to do was watch
for smokers, keep little children from running up and down the
aisles and help the other two ushers when she was asked to. Mr.
Simpson said it was the job he gave to all the new girls.

Mr. Simpson! Betsy was glad that no one could see her in the
dark because she could feel her cheeks burning when she thought
about him. A funny, warm sensation began between her legs every
time that Betsy thought about the things that Mr. Simpson did to
her. She knew it was wrong for her to let the man touch her and
teach her those things, but it did make her feel good, just the way
that he promised. Besides, it made Betsy feel grown up and daring
just to know that a grown up man was interested in her like that!

Betsy passed down the aisle feeling important when some kids
that she knew saw her and whispered excitedly among themselves.
The pretty little girl passed between the first row and the screen
and then walked up aisle D.

“What is your name again, dear? I’m sorry but I was so busy
earlier that I don’t think I caught it.”

Betsy was startled, she’d stopped by the candy counter and
since the good looking blonde clerk hadn’t spoken to her all
evening, she hadn’t expected her to do so now.

“It’s Betsy Morrison, ma’am,” the pretty little brunette said

Mrs. Borden smiled at her and tossed her blonde hair with a
shake of the head. The motion also made the older woman’s large,
creamy looking breasts jiggle under her tight fitting uniform top.

“Ohhh, don’t be so formal, Betsy. You can call me Grace, I
work here just like you.”

Betsy smiled shyly and nodded her head, she was impressed by
how pretty and self assured Grace was. She was also painfully
aware of how well built the blonde was and wondered if she was ever
going to grow up and look half as nice as that.

Grace reached across the counter and gently brushed Betsy’s
long dark hair back from her shoulder, letting the tips of her
fingers touch the girl’s neck as she did. “You look so cute in
your costume, Betsy. It’s very becoming.”

The blonde’s green eyes moved down over her slim body and
without knowing why, the pretty little girl felt nervous. Grace
smiled again as she pointed up the stairs behind Betsy. “It’s
almost intermission. You’d better go up and check the ladies
lounge and make sure that everything is all right.”

Betsy scurried up the stairs and put her uneasy thoughts about
Grace out of her mind. When she checked the restroom and returned,
Betsy heard the film end and she helped the other usherette open
the doors.

“How’s it going?”

The other girl’s name was Kathy. She was older than Betsy,
about seventeen.

“It’s always confusing on the first night, you’ll get used to
it.” Kathy grinned, she had blue eyes and dark, auburn hair.
“Well, I’ve got to go and help Grace behind the counter, see you.”

Betsy watched Kathy hurry away and was impressed by the other
girl’s shapely legs and the sexy way that her round, firm bottom
swayed when she walked. The little brunette looked down at her own
slim legs and despaired of their ever filling out.

The evening flew by. Everything was so new and so exciting
that Betsy hardly noticed. Twice she’d had to flash her light on
customers and ask them to stop smoking and she was surprised to
note that it gave her a sense of power that she’d never had before.

The pretty girl stopped just inside the doors and looked
around the auditorium. This was the second showing and there
weren’t so many patrons. Betsy only glanced up at the screen from
time to time. The movie was filled with gunshots and squealing
tires and she didn’t care for it much.

She wasn’t sure if it was a movement or a sound that caught
her attention, but something drew her to the seats just to her
right. The only people in the last three rows were a couple and
they were pressing against her and from the way that their heads
were moving Betsy could tell that they were kissing.

The slim little usherette stifled a giggle and craned her neck
so that she could see better. Mr. Simpson had told her not to say
anything to neckers unless they got out of hand or that people
around them complained. Betsy saw the man’s arm move away from the
lady’s shoulder and dropped out of sight, in a few seconds the lady
stiffened and then began to kiss him even harder than before!

It wasn’t so funny now. Betsy felt a small trickle of
excitement run down the full length of her spine. Deep inside of
her belly the little girl felt her tight vagina twist and the
muscles around it pull. She’d seen other people kissing and
messing around before and wondered why this would excite her so

Moving carefully and slowly, Betsy inched forward so that she
could see down the aisle and see what the man was doing to make the
lady sigh and wiggle so. The scene on the screen was being done in
daylight and it cast a glowing silver light around the theater,
enough light for the shocked little girl to get her wish!

The man had pulled the lady’s skirt up over her tummy and was
working his hand between her parted thighs. The lips of Betsy’s
own little pussy grew hot and moist when she watched the woman jerk
and then shake her hips like that. Wicked, naughty memories of Mr.
Simpson teased and nipped at Betsy and before she knew it, the
little girl was excited.

The lady moved a little and Betsy was faintly shocked when she
saw that her blouse was unbuttoned and her bare breasts were
gleaming in the silver light. Just then, Betsy saw a flash of
something white in the man’s lap and once she concentrated on it,
she could make out what it was. The lady had his big, hard prick
in her hand and she was playing with it!!!

Betsy shivered and remembered how exciting it was to run her
fingers up and down the length of Mr. Simpson’s big old thing and
she wondered if that other man’s cock felt any different?

The couple kept their heads together, kissing and whispering
while they masturbated each other. Betsy was so excited that her
knees were shaking as she pressed close against the arm of a seat
and openly stared at them. The little girl found that by bending
her knees a little, she could force the smooth wooden armrest
against her burning little mound and then by flexing her thighs she
could make it rub against her there.

As she stood in the darkness, rubbing her moist little groove
against the armrest, the lady in the seat began to moan softly.
Most of the sounds she made were drowned out by the film’s sound
track, but Betsy was certain that she could hear moans, squeals,
and gasps as the lady stiffened in the seat and began to shake as
the man’s hand flashed between her spread and shaking thighs. She
was cumming! Betsy was shocked to see it happen in public like
this and the fact that it was made it even more thrilling to her!

The woman’s hand was still working up and down on the man’s
white tube of a cock and when he groaned and pulled her close to
him, Betsy knew that he was going to shoot his cum! The pretty
little girl sighed softly to herself and rubbed harder against the
seat as she watched the two struggle for a moment. Betsy saw the
lady shake her head and try to pull back but the man was stronger
and in just seconds he’d managed to grip her by the nape of the
neck and push her head down in his lap. She was forced to slide
out of her seat and kneel on the floor to keep from breaking her

For an instant, Betsy was puzzled, but then she saw the
woman’s head begin to bob up and down and she understood! The
pretty little girl felt an awful surging sensation in her belly
when she realized that the woman had the man’s thick cock in her
mouth. She was going to suck all that messy goo when it shot out
of him!!!

She’d heard about women doing that for men. She’d seen the
name scrawled on walls but somehow Betsy never really believed that
it happened! In spite of the revulsion she felt, the little
brunette’s excitement didn’t die away. It even grew stronger!!
Betsy’s legs were shaking as she rolled her hips harder and
strained to see every obscene detail of what was happening. She
could see the lady’s pretty face in profile and watched as her
ovaled lips slid up and down on the man’s erect cock. In the dim
light, she could see the prick glisten wetly as the lady nursed on
it. The pretty little girl’s heart was hammering in her chest and
she was so close to her own climax that she didn’t see the door
open or hear the footsteps behind her, until it was way too late!!

The man on the seat was groaning, his head fell back against
the padded seat and he began to make frantic thrusts. He had one
hand on top of the lady’s head and held it down while he came.
Betsy gasped and shook when she imagined all that white mess
shooting in her own mouth and was about to have her own little
orgasm when a voice breathed in her ear.

“You shouldn’t be playing around watching other people,” the
voice said quietly. “You’re just lucky that I’m the one who caught
you or you’d be fired before you even got started.”

The shocked little usherette whirled away from the wooden
armrest. Her slender body was shrieking with protest and demanding
that last few hard thrusts that it would take her to climax.
Before her, the humiliated little girl saw the head usher, a tall,
handsome boy named Rick. The look she saw in his snapping eyes
sent a charge of excitement and fear through her.

Rick paused and took a long look over Betsy’s shoulder, then,
grinning, he took hold of her arm and, pushing her ahead of him,
started hurrying down the aisle toward the door that led backstage.

The minute the door shut behind them, Rick began to laugh. He
still held her by the arm as he led Betsy behind the tall screen
and to a small alcove by the back wall.

It was all so frightening and confusing! Betsy looked around
her and shivered. The sound from the film was far away, the
speakers were pointed in another direction, but the little girl
could see the gigantic reverse images on the screen before them.
Betsy stared in shock at what looked like a gigantic moving pillar
before she realized that the image she saw, the image that was
taller than she was, was a close up of a man’s finger dialing a
phone!! She didn’t know why the head usher had brought her back
here and she was worried beyond words!

Rick stood by the wall and was talking into a phone extension
that hung there. Betsy stood very still where he left her and
looked around. The back wall jogged for some reason and formed a
small semi-room. The surprised little girl saw a table, a couple
of chairs and a cot covered with a bedspread in the space.

Rick hung up the phone and flopped down on the cot. He was
smiling at her as he motioned for her to come to him. “Hey, kid!
Come over here and sit. I want to have a little talk to you.”

Betsy didn’t want to go over there. Something about the way
that Rick looked at her frightened Betsy, but the thought of
getting fired on her first night on the job was even more frighten-
ing, so she obeyed.

Hesitantly, Betsy moved toward the slim head usher. He was so
handsome and looked so good in his form-fitting uniform that Betsy
felt awkward and awed. Their fingers touched and the pretty little
twelve-year-old shuddered. That funny, wiggling feeling flared
back to life between her legs.

Pulling her down on the cot beside him, the handsome young man
grinned at Betsy. “Was that the first time that you ever saw some
chick giving a guy a blow job?”

Betsy was so embarrassed and shocked by Rick’s blunt question
that she had to hide her face in her hands.

Rick chuckled and Betsy was so shaken that she didn’t react
when he slipped his arm around her shoulders. “A pretty little
chick like you shouldn’t have to rub her cunt against a seat just
to get off,” Rick whispered. “At least not when there’s someone
like me around to take care of you.”

He didn’t give Betsy a chance to protest. Rick knew exactly
what to do and he did it with such ease that Betsy didn’t know what
was happening to her until she found herself lying flat on her back
with the good looking head usher bending over her.

He kissed her and this time, when she felt the pressure of his
tongue, the trembling little girl knew what was expected of her.
She opened her mouth and let his muscular, slippery tongue slip
past her lips and search for her own. At the same time, the older
boy’s hands were moving over Betsy’s hips and down her smooth,
hairless thighs.

She was so surprised that she couldn’t resist him. Rick’s
knowing hands drifted down over her bare thighs and each splayed
finger left a glowing path of excitement on her flesh.

Their tongues were flicking and lashing against each other and
with each passing second, the inexperienced little girl became
hotter and more eager. Shyly, Betsy’s arms lifted and wrapped
around Rick’s neck. She used her hold to lift herself off the bed
and press her glowing body against his while he caressed her thighs
and gently pushed them apart.

Betsy shuddered when she felt the boy’s hand pressing against
the silk-soft flesh of her inner thighs and she lifted herself
again, using her splayed feet to press herself against his muscular

When the kiss ended, Rick sat up but he kept one hand between
the gasping little brunette’s legs as he used the other to unbutton
his tight tunic. Betsy couldn’t believe what was happening to her!
The lovely girl shook and shivered as the older boy’s hand moved up
her bare flesh until the backs of his knuckles were pressing firmly
against the swollen outline of her hairless little cunt!

“Please,” Betsy whispered faintly. “I…I’m only twelve…you
can’t…ohhhhh!!” Rick had ignored her and forced the elastic of
her uniform panties and her own tight briefs aside and had pressed
two fingers in against the velvet soft flesh of her vulva!

“Don’t kid me,” the handsome head usher panted as he pulled
his hand away long enough to slide the sleeve of his tunic down
over it and then sent his extended fingers back under her clothing
again. “I know Newt Simpson better than anyone around here and I
can promise you that he doesn’t hire any chicks around here that
don’t put out up front!!”

Betsy wanted to protest again, but the fingers had found the
puffy separation of her wet little pussy lips and she gasped as
they plunged in and found the stiff bud of her clitoris.

“Agggghhh…Oooooo, he…he didn’t do it to me,” the trembling
little girl moaned as she shook her head from side to side. “I’m
a virgin. He didn’t make me let him put it in!!” Betsy’s slim
body was jerking and rolling, Rick’s expert fingers were twisting
and twirling in her plump little mound sending rocket bursts of
pleasure up her spine each time that her rigid love bud was mashed
or brushed!!

Then one of Rick’s fingers began to press against the mouth of
Betsy’s little pussy and the girl moaned with pain and fear.
“Unnnggghhh…you’re hurting me! Owwww!” The lovely little girl
was so busy trying to roll her stinging cunt away from the older
boy’s finger that she didn’t see his free hand as it jerked his fly
open and pull his long, skinny erection into view.

The blunt tip of the boy’s finger found the taut membrane that
told of the groaning little girl’s virginity and Rick snorted in
surprise. “Christ! You were telling me the truth.” His other
finger was still massaging the swollen tip of Betsy’s little
clitoris and the mixture of pain and pleasure that she felt was
mind bending!

“What did you do for him, honey? I know Simpson, he didn’t
let you out of that office before you made him cum. What did you
have to do to make him shoot his load for you?”

Betsy opened her mouth, but, instead of words, all that came
out was a long drawn out grunt of pleasure!! The lovely little
girl’s dark eyes popped open and she stared with sightless
amazement at the grinning boy as he finger fucked her into
squealing, jerking orgasm!!!

“Awwwwuuuugggghhh!! Oh,…I…huuuunnnnggg!!!” Betsy
couldn’t breathe. She gasped and bucked wildly as she fought to
fill her aching lungs with air, but each time, another heavy jolt
of pleasure would smash through her and take her breath with it!!

“Tell me about it, honey,” Rick demanded as he continued to
work his finger in her. “Tell me what you did for Simpson!!”

Betsy moaned, her hands crept down and gripped Rick at the
wrist, pressing his hand against her squirming bottom.

“What did you do?”

“Oooooo,” Betsy moaned as the intense pleasure sensations
began to fade and she could breathe again. “I…used my hand!”
The shaken child formed a circle with her thumb and forefinger and
made an obscene shaking motion to show the handsome usher what
she’d done.

Rick shrugged and pulled the trembling child to a sitting
position beside him. “I’ll settle for that, kid. A hand job for
starters, anyway.” For the first time, Betsy saw that the older
boy had his pants open and she stared in dull surprise at his cock
as it jerked and twitched in front of her.

The waves of her orgasm were still rippling and washing inside
of her and Betsy didn’t hesitate for a moment. The little girl
wrapped her fingers around the warm, pulsating shaft of the head
usher’s long, scary cock.

Rick sighed happily as Betsy began to masturbate him. The
handsome usher leaned back so that the blushing little girl’s hand
had a free stroke up and down the long steel length of his erect

Betsy stared at Rick’s big dong and shivered. She liked the
feel of Rick’s warm flesh against hers and enjoyed the pleased
groans and sighing sounds that he made as she jacked him off. The
pretty little girl was surprised because she didn’t feel any guilt.
In fact, playing with Rick’s long hardon made Betsy feel excited
and happy.

“That’s nice, little girl,” Rick sighed as he hugged Betsy
closer and watched her masturbate him.

The handsome head usher’s hands moved under her rocking arm
and in a few moments Betsy was surprised and a little shocked to
feel her uniform top slacken and fall away from her heated body.
It was apparent that Rick knew exactly where the snaps and the
zipper were. Betsy realized that Rick had undressed a lot of
usherettes before! For a moment, the surprised little brunette
paused and wondered if she shouldn’t try to get away from Rick.
But then the handsome older boy slipped one of his hands under her
loosened top and the feel of his warm fingers as they closed around
the firm mound of her budding breast was so nice that the idea was
turned to steam by the pleasure.

Betsy moaned and shuddered when the boy’s fingers found her
pointed little nipples and pinched and twisted at them. The pretty
child’s fingers tightened around Rick’s throbbing cock and she
increased the speed of her stroke until her hand was only a white
blur in the dim backstage light.

Rick grunted and squeezed harder at the small globe of her
forming breast. His voice sounded thick and slurred when he spoke
to Betsy. “Agggghhh, keep it up, kid!” Rick stiffened and, for an
exciting moment, Betsy thought that he was going to cum. The
excited little girl felt a hot, burning itch deep in the tight
sleeve of her untried vagina as she stared at the swollen, purplish
head of the head usher’s cock. “Remember that lady in the last
row? Have you ever done that? Have you ever sucked a nice hard

Betsy groaned, her eyes bulged in her head, and when she
thought about letting the fat glans that she was staring at in her
moist little mouth, her stomach spun and shook with disgust and

“What’s the matter, don’t you want to talk about it? I saw
you, honey. You were wearing out that armrest with your hot pussy
when you saw that other cunt gobble that guy’s cock and drink his

“Oooooo, don’t talk about that,” the pretty little girl
pleaded. “It makes me feel…sick.”

Rick laughed and hugged her tighter. His hand worked over the
smooth curve of her rib cage and fastened around one of her hard
little breasts again, making the little girl gasp and shiver as she
responded to the fierce pleasure that she experienced.

“Oh, no, honey,” the handsome older boy crooned as he let his
fingers dance over Betsy’s slender young body. “Not sick, excited!
You can’t fool me, I saw how you jumped and wiggled when that bitch
swallowed that guy’s big cock!” Betsy moaned and squeezed even
harder at the handsome boy’s jerking, pulsating cock.

Rick groaned and shivered. The excited little girl felt his
long erection grow in her fist and she pumped even harder. She
wanted to see it happen again, wanted to watch the white fountain
of his cum. Suddenly, Betsy realized that more than anything she
wanted that!!!

“You should learn,” Rick gushed as he stroked Betsy’s trim,
healthy body, making the excited little girl moan and quiver as
wave after delightful wave of pleasure swept over her. “You are a
pretty chick and every pretty chick should know how to slip a fat
cock in her mouth and make her man moan when she sucks on it.”

Betsy whimpered. She couldn’t drag her eyes away from the
thick, pulpy head of Rick’s throbbing cock. His words ran and
echoed in her ears as she stared at the handsome usher’s bloated

“Ohhh, baby! I’m going to cum!! Get down there and take it
in your mouth!!”

Betsy didn’t move and she was rewarded by a hard slap against
the side of her head.

“Suck it, whore! And don’t you dare let a drop of it get on
my uniform!!” The young head usher jerked at her and Betsy, caught
off balance, was pulled off the cot.

She wasn’t fast enough and that earned her another slap while
Rick pulled her head down toward his long, white mushroom of a
cock. “Suck my cock, honey. That’s what it’s going to cost you to
keep me from going to the boss and telling him that you won’t do!!”

It wasn’t fair! Betsy felt herself weaken when she thought
about the good that extra money would do. She began to whimper
when she imagined what her friends would say when they heard that
she lost her job on the first night and worst of all, the lovely
little girl felt the last of her resistance rip away when she
imagined what it would be like to slip the fat crown of the
handsome boy’s cock in her mouth!!

“Annnnggghhhh,” Rick moaned when Betsy relaxed and allowed his
hand to push her head down to meet the bloated crown of his prick
and she was forced to give it a long, loving kiss!!

The velvet flesh of Rick’s glans slipped delightfully across
the nerve endings of her lips. Betsy shuddered and kissed it
again. She loved the feel of his penis and the idea made her
tingle all over. This time, the excited little girl didn’t
hesitate. She mashed her full lips against the cock and even dared
flick at it with the tip of her pink little tongue.

Rick groaned and pulled her closer.

Betsy knew what the boy wanted and, while her sweaty fist
continued its rapid up and down stroke she opened her lips and
sucked the mushroom-shaped head of the prick into her saliva filled

“Aggghhh! Yeah!! Suck it. Gobble my cock, honey!” Rick’s
hips began to jerk and the thrilled twelve-year-old felt his iron-
hard erection swell and then buck hard as the first hot stream of
his cum shot out and clogged her small mouth! Betsy moaned with a
twisted excitement. The thick liquid coated her teeth, clogged her
throat and was threatening to squirt out of her tightly pursed
lips, she had to swallow it or choke! The pretty child’s throat
muscles worked and then worked again and her churning belly was
filled with his hot seed!


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